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TrueGS is an emulator detection program for the Apple IIgs.

From another perspective, TrueGS is a test suite for Apple IIgs emulator development.


TrueGS will begin running tests immediately on startup. The first round of tests are run in Quick Mode, which executes a representative selection of test cases. After the results are displayed, pressing any key will run the tests again in Comprehensive Mode, which attempts to execute all possibilities (with a correspondingly longer run time).


Tech Note #201

There is an official method to detect emulators which support this tech note. This test reads the emulator detection register ($c04f) multiple times and verifies that the data read isn't identical.

SHR Linearization

Tests the mapping between non-linearized and linearized addresses in the SHR address space ($e12000..$e19fff).


truegs 2021.07.29 : truegs-2021.07.29.po

New test for Tech None #201.

truegs 2021.07.25 : truegs-2021.07.25.po

Initial release. Tests SHR linearization.