2018.11.10: Documented rainbow floppy sleeves and floppy disk labels.
2018.05.07: Documented five section butterfly stitch notebooks.
2018.02.15: Documented pamphlet stitch notebooks.
2018.01.29: Updated stitch to version 1.0.
2017.08.16: Documented apple ii prompt prints.
2017.05.08: Updated 1tracker Linux patch for 1tracker v0.23.
2015.09.24: Released Moving Day.
2015.07.27: Released 1tracker Linux patch.
2015.05.30: New project: roseanne blanket.
2014.08.24: I opened an Etsy shop.
2014.07.24: I performed Satin Weave at KansasFest 2014.
2014.06.11: Released lingerie.
2014.06.01: Released Stitch Sampler.
2014.05.01: Updated stitch to version 0.3.
2014.04.12: I performed Satin Weave at Notacon 11.
2014.04.11: Updated stitch to version 0.2.
2014.03.02: Updated stitch to version 0.1.
2014.02.15: Released stitch.
2014.01.04: sixtyfive updated.
2013.12.04: 1tracker Electric Duet plugin updated.
2013.10.15: New Art at fortycolumns: Uncrossed Streams.
2013.08.07: Released Drift (back side).
2013.07.27: Released folds.
2013.07.25: New Art at fortycolumns: Slow Day.
2013.07.13: New Art at fortycolumns: Cloud Talk.
2013.05.08: I'm the guest on Episode #27 of the Open Apple podcast.
2013.05.07: New Art at fortycolumns: City Birds.
2013.04.24: New Artware/Demo: satin weave.
2013.04.22: New Art at fortycolumns: Expansion.
2013.04.09: New Art at fortycolumns: Memoblast Cover Sheet.
2013.03.27: New Art at fortycolumns: KansasFest Logo.
2013.03.09: New Art at yarn: Mondrian and Hearts.
2013.02.16: New Art at fortycolumns: Divisions.
2013.01.25: New Art at fortycolumns: With the Wind.
2012.12.03: New Work: weave in all ends.
2012.10.24: New Art at fortycolumns: GLI.TC/H 2112 Logo.
2012.10.20: GLI.TC/H Mantra released.
2012.10.20: sixtyfive updated.
2012.10.15: New Art at yarn: Parsley State, Blinky, and Zappa.
2012.09.20: New section: yarn.
2012.07.20: Support for creating Electric Duet music added to sixtyfive.
2012.06.24: Hardware audio captures for Drift.
2012.06.24: New Art at fortycolumns: Room for One.
2012.06.02: 1tracker Electric Duet plugin updated.
2012.05.20: 1tracker Electric Duet plugin released.



I can be contacted at dan at the domain you're reading this page at.

I have a tumblr as well.