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stitch title screen

stitch is a 4 channel 1-bit music tracker for the Apple II.


stitch 0.3 : stitch03.po :

Copy command no longer corrupts the first help page [introduced in 0.2].

stitch 0.2 : stitch02.po :

Play From Here command now stops correctly at the end of the song.

stitch 0.1 : stitch01.po :

Open and Save dialogs.

Paste displays rows instead of bytes.

Octave numbers show the MIDI standard.

Hex mode uses hex-based input instead of pitch-based input.

Updater program to update the program files on existing stitch disks. Push ^Q to access this option; it's not listed in the help screens yet.

stitch 0.0 : stitch00.po

Initial release.