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everyone likes free stuff. here's my experience getting samples of parts.


i filled out the form on their web site and received no feedback even though i supplied my email address. over a month later, i was about to add these parts to a digikey order, when a package arrived. they sent everything i requested, rounded down to their (very reasonable) 5 piece limit. i usually request a lot because the worst that can happen is that i just get the maximum. one cool thing to note is that i couldn't find any place that stocked the attiny2313, so i couldn't have bought them anyway.

date part description requested received
2004.11.10 attiny26-16pi microcontroller 6 5
2004.11.10 attiny2313-20pi microcontroller 6 5
2004.11.10 atf750c-10pi programmable logic device 6 5


this was a strange story. i filled out their sample request form and promptly got an email back from their local sales office. a representative told me bourns' standard policy was 1 sample per 1000 estimated annual volume, and then asked me how many units i was expecting to buy. after i said i was just a hobbyist, the rep said she could try to get me 2 (i had requested 5). The package came a few weeks later, on the exact day i was told it would. She had indeed ordered 2 samples, but bourns decided to send 100! So, i'm well stocked with r2r ladders for a while.

date part description requested received
2004.11.17 4610x-r2r-103 8-bit 10k/20k r2r ladder 5 100


these guys make it easy. they have a sample cart in addition to their shopping cart. you can pretty much get two of any product with an order samples link.

date part description requested received
2004.10.15 ds1267-100 8-bit dual 100k digital pot 2 2
2004.10.15 max492cpa dual rail to rail opamp 2 2