krüe :: newgs


NewGS is the next generation Apple IIgs computer.


Produce a complete computer with motherboard and case.

Maintain compatiblility with existing IIgs hardware and software.

Reimplement proprietary ASICs in FPGA code.

Extend the platform to support newer hardware interfaces and concepts.


65c816 cpu functionally complete
fast processor interface functionally complete
hyperbus memory controller functionally complete; test suite
mega ii functionally complete
slots hardware in progress; logic pending
rgb video functionally complete
ntsc video hardware in progress; logic pending
hdmi video not started
ensoniq audio hardware in progress; logic in progress
iwm disk port functionally complete
swim disk port not started
game ports hardware in progress; logic pending
adb ports not started
usb ports functionally complete (mouse and keyboard)
key microcontroller base functionality complete, advanced functionality in progress
serial ports hardware in progress; logic pending
real time clock hardware in progress; logic and software functionally complete
mass storage not started
ethernet port not started