krüe :: 1tracker


1tracker is a chiptune tracker by Shiru which supports multiple engines via plugins. This page contains a patch to allow 1tracker to be compiled on Linux systems, and a plugin for experimental Electric Duet support.

linux patch


Patch for 1tracker v0.23.


Patch for 1tracker v0.19.

electric duet plugin


Minor updates to support 1tracker-0.16.


Export now uses CompatiBoot. The exported image contains two copies of the music file. The first file, OBJ.SONG, has the Electric Duet player prepended and can be BRUNed. The second file, M.SONG, is the bare version which can be loaded into the Electric Duet editor.


Initial Release. Supports export of Duet binary files and Prodos Order disk images. Only the first $f00 bytes of a track are played from the disk images until I can write a better loader. There is no support for playing directly within 1tracker as Game_Music_Emu does not currently support Apple II files. In short, there is a lot left to do, but at least something works.